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The Mousetrap [02.10.1979]

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Участники: Miranda Wilkes & Jack Jugson.
Место: Balfour Burley's apartment.
Время: 2 October 1979.
Краткое описание:
Voldemort was asleep for a month and now he is awaken. The Dark Lord's will is death of every member of Order of the Phoenix. The mortal hunt is open, it seems there's no escape; but if you are a hunter, don't forget: sometimes cats become prey.

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It was two hours after midnight when they appeared on the street, appeared so suddenly and silently you would have thought they had just popped out of the ground. If anyone looked out of their window that moment, they would be able to see two dark figures hiding in shadows. A man and a woman, both were wearing long black cloaks and covering their faces with patterned masks.

Leaning to a fence, Jack watched the house. There was no light in it. But it's all right — good guys must sleep at night. Although no one could see his face, he had a sassy smile, as usual, but in fact he was tense and collected. He used to be a sneering man but it didn’t mean that he can’t be serious. He can do both.
The task appeared not too hard — just to kill the man, nothing more. How many times they had did it? But they must kill this one without excess noise; and this time their pray was a defence master, not a helpless muggle or a foolish mudblood. It was the thing that complicated the work.
Jack had no pity on Balfour Burley. He had to cancel an appointment because of him. And pixie dust’s price never waits; if tomorrow prices fall, Jugson will kill him one more time. Besides, he could spend the evening more useful or with more pleasure. And, well, going only to murder with Miranda Wilkes was almost a crime. She was too good for this, he would prefer her to do more fun things. However, there is always a chance to turn a kill into an amusement.
So, they were here, performing the Dark Lord’s will.
“Order damn you!”
“We should search for artefacts thereafter,” he said musingly and then explained, “He is the sort of an expert of the defensive things, you know, we can get something useful.”
It could be a little compensation for impaired plans.
Balfour Burley was an obstacle. And what do we do with obstacles?
“Destroy them.”
“Specialis Revelio,” whispered he to discover protective and notifying charms and the spell detected only anti-apparition one. Jack nodded and invited his companion to come closer to the house, it seemed safe.
"Alohomora," Jugson whispered, touching the door knobs. The door opened with a soft click.
"Ladies first?" staring at his partner in crime, Jack smirked. "Oh, no, don't think so."
And he was the first who stepped in the dark. Silence still filled the house.


Specialis Revelio – выявление наложенных чар.
Alohomora – открытие запертой без применения магии двери.



Amusement? In fact, Miranda was not keen on murdering as she can't keep calm whispering "Avada Kedavra": it's too dangerous for her magic and the woman is not ready for such sacrifice. So that, Unforgivable Curses are not in her style.
Miss Wilkes acted gracefully.

But now she and Jack Jagson are going to kill... what is his name? Balfour Burley or something like this. Anyway, this very mission seems not require grace or elegance at all. Will it be funny? Miranda was not quite sure about it. Undoubtedly, it will not be boring. Nothing at all can be boring with Jugson.

When soles of her shoes touched the ground, the woman breathed in the night air and look around. Being a part of Accidental Magic Reversal Squad for nearly twenty years made the witch rather suspicious. Even the street, on the first glance, is empty, they are to be careful. Keep silence, for instance, but Jack obviously felt comfortable. However, as usual.
"Sign up, Jugson!" she whispered indistinctly. "Not all muggles have heard you, my dear!" Her words were instincted with sarcasm. Occupational hazard — just so, nothing personal. She certainly did not aim to hurt him.
At least because it is fairly impossible. Moreover, Miranda does not give a damn.

More of a challenge to call them dream team — do you really think so? Relax. These two deserved each other. Of course, Jack is not a hero of the song about good fellow, but Miranda is also far from being a Fairy Godmother. They fit together despite such small skirmishes. After all, it can happen to anyone, and they are not even friends.

Between them there is something different. And now this is beyond the scope of the serious business.

Despite miss Wilkes was not paranoiac she can't say she is happy about Burley's house nearly drowned in the darkness. On the other hand, who cares, when Jack Jugson has already opened the door. "Oh, well, bloody gentleman," the witch rolled her eyes up. Miranda certainly did not take his invitation seriously. "After you, my fine hero," she murmured and smiled to him. Charming smile, alluring smile.
She stepped in the house right after him and again realized how strange does it look like.
Lifeless, unoccupied house. Dark Lord will not be satisfied.

It soon turned out that this is not the biggest problem because the door suddenly closed loudly. "Holy hell, are you serious?" a bit nervously laughing Miranda raised her wand become ready to fight in few seconds.
The evening ceases to be a languid.

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